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  • flaxie — /ˈflæksi/ (say flaksee) noun NZ Colloquial a person who works in a flax mill. Also, flax, flaxy …   Australian-English dictionary

  • Rebecca Sophia Clarke — (1833 1906), also known as Sophie May, was an American author of children s fiction. Using her nieces and nephews as inspiration, she wrote realistic stories about children. She wrote 45 books between 1860 and 1903. The most popular being the… …   Wikipedia

  • Clarke, Rebecca Sophia — ▪ American writer born Feb. 22, 1833, Norridgewock, Maine, U.S. died Aug. 16, 1906, Norridgewock       American writer of children s literature whose spirited writing found great success with its audience through humour, empathy, and a refusal to …   Universalium

  • flaxy — /ˈflæksi/ (say flaksee) adjective (flaxier, flaxiest) 1. of the texture or colour of flax. –noun 2. NZ Colloquial → flaxie …   Australian-English dictionary

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